The Aran Islands, Inis Mor, Ireland

Photographing the Aran Islands

I visited Inis Mor, one of the Aran Islands off the west of Ireland on a beautiful Summer’s. I had been previously as a teenager on a school trip to practise Irish language, but that was a while ago 🙂 The Aran Islands are one of the few places left where Irish ( Gaelic) is still spoken. It is also famous for the Aran Sweater, its stone walls, thatched cottages  and celtic monuments, and where a lot of traditional Irish life and can still be seen. It was one of my best days.

All pics are shot with a Nikon 50mm lens, keeping it simple.


2175These intricate dry stone walls, characteristic of the island, have held up for hundreds of years despite the wind and harsh weather.
92Tourism is now a major source of income for the island, this enterprising local boy is playing traditional irish music to entertain tourists and make a bit of money. Most of the local kids will move away when they are older.
2610There are very few cars on the Island and a horse and trap is still used as a form of transportation. The thatched cottage in the background used to be found all over Ireland, and a few still remain on the island.
3312The best thing about Ireland is the easy charm and humour of the Irish, this local driver was happy to tell us about life of the island where he grew up.
3211Religion has always played a large part in Irish life, and this celtic cross is one of many Christian symbols on an Island full of ancient relics and steeped in folklore.

The famous Aran Sweaters

Traditional basket making

Thatched cottages used to be found all over Ireland, and a few still remain on the island.


And a traditional Irish lady (Me :))