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There are some really cool resources on the web for photographers.  I learnt a lot by watching youtube videos and reading other people’s blogs and reviews. I  also read  ton of photography books and magazines, so I will share my best finds here as I come across them.

Robert Doisneau: Paris: New Compact Edition

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This is not just my favorite photography book, but it is my favorite book (right now). It is the only photography book I have ever bought for myself ( I am more of a Library gal, like to travel light). It brings me so much joy to look at his pictures. His own zest and sense of humor is alive  in all of his work. Life- affirming and inspiring, and I love Paris.

The Complete Photo Manual (Popular Photography): 300+ Skills and Tips for Making Great Pictures

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I read this book recently and it is probably my favorite instruction manual so far. There are lots of little tips and tricks that I wish I had thought of myself, all presented in small bite sizes.  I didn’t buy it, but I remember some sorta silly but fun  ideas, like wear and white t-shirt to act as a reflector ( or black to absorb light) . Always carry a mirror as a reflector or for fill light, and bring paper cups for diy snoots and make a beauty dish out of a white paper plate. There were also tips on things like creating painting with light using steel wool, and catching the effect speed from the passanger seat of a car. It was all the sort of stuff you will find on the internet, which is why I didn’t feel the need to own it, but it was a fun read.

——————————————————————-  – I came across this website the other day, which I think is really cool. The owner of the blog created a bunch of textures  and brushes and  etc that you can download for free. Not something I have used much for my photography to date, but I have seen textures used really well, and experiment with them sometimes. I downloaded a bunch of different brushes, and it was fun to pay around with them all in Photoshop.

I added the bird in my photograph here with his brush tool. Really seems like cheating  to me to add a bird, so I don’t  think I would do it for real unless I was stepping into the realm of full digital art, but is was fun to play with and really couldn’t be easier. I guess the distinction is a personal one.





File:Wreckers Coast of Northumberland Joseph Mallord William Turner.jpeg

J.M.W. Turner. Source: Wikimedia

I want to share some of my favorite paintings with you on my Pinterest Board. Right now I am a big fan of Whistler and Turner. I love to visit art museums, I am a member to the Art Institute in Chicago  and go there very regularly.  I studied Art History formally for a year, and have always gone to gallery talks whenever I can. I don’t enjoy painting myself, but I love learning about how art has developed over time, and how different movements came about. I studied paintings and compositions and  how artists spoke though colors and used a visual language long before I was interested in photography. I hope I bring some of that learning to my own work.

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