Learn Photography


Welcome to the fun and exciting journey of Photography! Just get a new camera, and have no idea what all the buttons are for? Or are you looking to learn more advanced techniques? I will soon be offering personal photography lessons- all levels welcome! Contact me for further details.


Night Photography

Learn the basics of Night Photography – Tripod and camera with manual setting required.

Learn how

  • to get sharp clear pics at night
  • to get silky smooth water, starbursts, light trails
  • How to edit your pics to make them pop.

Photography 101

Brand new to photography and overwhelmed by your camera. I can help! Non techie people welcome 🙂

Learn How to

  • use your different camera settings
  • get sharp pics every time
  • get that blurry background look and other effects


Travel Photography

Want to come home with better travel pics

Learn how to

  • Capture landmarks at their best
  • find the best light for selfies and family pics
  • Post Production techiniques