Foggy Night in Dublin

Ha'Penny Bridge in the fog

I was back in Dublin for Christmas, and my last evening there was amazingly foggy. I wandered around the city center the and around St. James ‘s gate, which is slightly higher up and had really think fog. It was all very cinematic!

Behind the Shot

July 4th Chicago fireworks and skyline

The story behind the shot I took this long exposure shot photo on July the 4th in Chicago. It is one of my personal favorite pictures as I have great memories from that night. I remember I was out with my camera and I didn’t really have a July the …

Photographing Chicago

LaSalle St, Chicago

I have a new/updated blog dedicated just to Chicago photography at I will be sharing some tips and insights over there, so if you are interested please check it out!

The Photographer

“Photography suits the temper of this age – of active bodies and minds. It is a perfect medium for one whose mind is teeming with ideas, imagery, for a prolific worker who would be slowed down by painting or sculpting, for one who sees quickly and acts decisively, accurately” Edward …

Chicago Critics Film Fest 2017

Chicago Critics Film fest 2017

I am very excited for this year’s Chicago Critics Film Fest. I will be photographing it all week. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year-  it starts tomorrow at the Music Box! There is always a great lineup of films and guests. Tix and schedule here

Street Photography

I love night photography, cityscapes and portraiture, but my passion is probably street photography. To discover a moment of harmony or synchronicity, moments that hint at an underlying order in the world. The shots that cannot be planned and happen so quickly that they can only be captured by instinct. I love …

Tips for Travel Photography

Shinjuku, Memory Lane, Tokyo, Japan

  My travel photography tips 1 Take video also- something I have not been doing enough of and always regret 2 Prepare- research all the locations in advance and opening times and maps and all that stuff in advance, there is never time enough to that when we get there …

Rainy Morning in Chicago

Flamingo Sculpture Chicago

A beautiful rainy foggy quiet morning in Chicago. It is very unlike me to get up for dawn, but I looked out the window, a couple of mornings ago,  and saw the weather combination and couldn’t help myself. The city was beautiful. These photos are taken with my Nikon D600 …

Year End 2016

Happy New Year! Here are my 9 “best” pics that I posted in 2016 according to Instagram. I spent pretty much the whole year in Chicago… Cheers to 2017!

Winter Wonderland Chicago

First real snow of the year. It was one of those perfectly snowy romantic evenings last night in Chicago  

Phone Editing- Chicago Rainy Days

Rainy Chicago

  It’s been raining a lot  in Chicago for the past few days. I have been experimenting with cell phone apps which is something I almost never use and I bought the Facetune app,  I had seen other people brighten up their Instagram pics with it ( on non-people pics) so I …

Chicago Skyline blue hour

One good thing about all this rain is that the puddles make for great reflections.